Here you will find information on the various paper types available if you are thinking of purchasing a print. If you are unsure as to what paper to purchase a print on then as a default I recommend choosing Fuji Matt paper, as I find the reproduction to be universally excellent and it looks great when framed. If you have any questions regarding the paper types, however, please get in touch.

*Please note that due to the higher printing costs associated with gicleé printing the images printed using those papers are slightly more expensive. Images printed on Fuji Flex paper are also slightly higher, but this is only reflected in the prices of the larger print sizes of 16"x20" (A2) and above.


C-type prints

  • Fuji Matt - Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a semi-matt finish. The paper is coated with a slightly stippled finish and gives a very natural photographic finish with subtle colour
  • Fuji Gloss Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a gloss finish which accentuates the colour to give a punchy, rich feel..
  • Fuji Flex - Fuji Flex, a.k.a. super-gloss, has a plastic feel to the paper with a warm base colour and an ultra high gloss finish, giving luxurious rich colours.
  • Kodak Metallic - Kodak Metallic paper has a rich metallic base. The colours have a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional feel to them.


Gicleé prints

  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag - A 308g.s.m. heavy art paper with a fibrous finish. The paper softens the image and mutes the colours giving a watercolour feel to the final image.
  • Hahnemühle Pearl - A slightly textured 280g.s.m semi-gloss paper. It holds more texture than the Photo Rag, whilst maintaining an illustrative/painted feel.
  • Epson Semi-Gloss - A semi-glossy 260g.s.m paper. It gives a medium gloss finish with good detail and natural colour.
  • Canson Baryta Photographique - A 310g.s.m pure white, museum-grade Baryta paper which offer maximum longevity. Great for high contrast images as well as fluorescent vivid colours.